Discover Your True Purpose Using the Wheel of Life Definition


The Wheel of Life is a tool used to help individuals evaluate different areas of their life and determine where they need improvement. It’s an excellent way to gain insight into your overall well-being, identify what you want from life, and set goals for yourself. In this blog post, we will explore everything there is to know about the Wheel of Life definition, including how it works, its benefits, and examples of templates that can be used effectively.

Introduction to the Wheel of Life Definition

The Wheel of Life is essentially a circular diagram divided into sections representing various aspects of one’s life such as career, finance, relationships, health, spirituality, etc. Each section has a score assigned to it based on how satisfied or fulfilled someone feels in that particular area. The scores are then added up to give an overall total which represents the individual’s level of satisfaction with their current state of being. This exercise helps people understand where they stand currently and what changes they need to make to achieve greater happiness and success.

Understanding the Different Areas of Your Life

There are typically eight main categories included in the Wheel of Life template: Career, Finance, Relationships, Health, Spirituality, Personal Development, Fun/Recreation, and Environment. However, some versions may have additional categories depending on the creator’s preferences. It’s essential to consider each category carefully when assigning scores since these ratings represent how content or dissatisfied you feel in those specific areas. By doing so, you can get a better understanding of where you need to focus your attention and energy to improve your quality of life.

How to Use a Wheel of Life Template Effectively

To use a Wheel of Life template effectively, start by drawing a circle on paper and dividing it into the eight segments mentioned earlier. Next, assign a score between 1 and 10 to each segment, with 1 being extremely unsatisfying and 10 being completely satisfying. Add up all the scores to obtain an overall total. If the result is below 50, it indicates significant room for improvement. You should then review each category individually and decide what steps you can take to increase your satisfaction levels. Repeat this process every few months to track progress and adjust your goals accordingly.

Examples of Wheel of Life Templates and Their Benefits

One example of a Wheel of Life template is the “Life Balance Wheel” created by Paul T. P. Wong, PhD. This version includes eight categories similar to other models but also incorporates an extra ninth category called “Transcendence.” According to Dr. Wong, Transcendence refers to achieving a sense of purpose beyond oneself through acts of kindness, compassion, and service towards others. Another popular Wheel of Life template is the “Holistic Wellness Wheel,” which emphasizes physical, emotional, mental, social, financial, vocational, environmental, and spiritual well-being. These templates provide a comprehensive approach to self-evaluation and goal setting, leading to improved personal growth and development over time.

Conclusion: Discovering Your True Purpose with the Wheel of Life

In conclusion, the Wheel of Life is an exceptional tool for discovering your true purpose and identifying areas of your life that require attention. By using a Wheel of Life template effectively, you can create a more balanced, fulfilling existence while staying focused on your long-term goals. Whether you choose to use the Life Balance Wheel, Holistic Wellness Wheel, or another variation, the key is to remain committed to the process and consistently reassess your priorities to ensure continued growth and evolution.


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