Revolutionize Your Life with these Wheel of Life Templates: Create Your Ideal Life Today


The Wheel of Life is a powerful tool that can help you visualize your life and identify areas where you need to focus on. It’s an excellent way to gain clarity, set goals, and create a more fulfilling life. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using Wheel of Life templates and how they can help you revolutionize your life.

What Is The Wheel Of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a circular diagram that represents different aspects of your life. These include career, finance, relationships, health, personal development, and other important areas. Each area is represented by a slice of the circle, which is then divided into sections to represent your level of satisfaction in each area. By creating a visual representation of your life, you can easily see where you are thriving and where you need improvement.

Why Use A Wheel Of Life Template?

Wheel of Life templates provide several benefits. Firstly, they allow you to take stock of your life and assess your current situation. Secondly, they help you prioritize your goals and identify what matters most to you. Thirdly, they motivate you to take action towards achieving your desired outcomes. Finally, they provide a framework for tracking progress and celebrating successes along the way.

How To Create Your Ideal Life With A Wheel Of Life Template

To create your ideal life with a Wheel of Life template, start by identifying the key areas of your life that you want to focus on. These may include career, finance, relationships, health, personal development, and others. Once you have identified these areas, rate your level of satisfaction in each one using a scale of 1-10. Be honest with yourself about where you currently stand in each area.

Next, draw a circle and divide it into slices representing each area of your life. Label each slice with the corresponding area, and then color code them according to your level of satisfaction. This will give you a visual representation of your life and highlight areas where you need to focus on.

Examples Of Wheel Of Life Templates And Their Benefits

There are many types of Wheel of Life templates available online, including free and paid versions. Some popular examples include the Life Balance Wheel, the Wellness Wheel, and the Career Success Wheel. Each of these templates has its unique benefits depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, the Life Balance Wheel is an all-rounder template that covers various aspects of your life, while the Wellness Wheel focuses on your physical and mental wellbeing. Similarly, the Career Success Wheel helps you track your professional growth and achievements.


In conclusion, Wheel of Life templates are an excellent tool for anyone looking to revolutionize their life. They provide a simple yet effective way to visualize your life, identify areas for improvement, and set goals for the future. Whether you choose a general or specialized template, the key is to be honest with yourself, take action, and celebrate your successes along the way.


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