Revolutionize Your Life with Wheel of Life Templates


Do you feel like your life is out of balance? Are there areas where you are thriving, while others lag behind? If so, it may be time to take a closer look at your life and identify the areas that need attention. One tool that can help you do this is a Wheel of Life template.

What Is The Wheel Of Life?

The Wheel of Life is a visual representation of different aspects of your life, such as career, finance, relationships, health, and personal development. Each area is represented by a slice of the wheel, which helps you see how well-rounded your life is overall. By assessing each area individually, you can gain insight into what needs improvement and make a plan for change.

Benefits Of Using A Wheel Of Life Template

There are many benefits to using a Wheel of Life template, including:

1. It provides clarity – When you see all areas of your life laid out in front of you, it’s easier to identify what’s working and what isn’t. This can give you a sense of direction and purpose.

2. It encourages self-reflection – Taking the time to reflect on your life and its various components can help you become more mindful and intentional about your choices.

3. It promotes balance – By evaluating each aspect of your life separately, you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. You may discover that some areas require more attention than others, allowing you to prioritize accordingly.

4. It fosters growth – Once you have identified areas for improvement, you can create goals and action plans to work towards positive changes.

How To Create Your Own Wheel Of Life Template

Creating your own Wheel of Life template is simple! Here are the steps:

1. Draw a circle or use an existing image of a wheel.

2. Divide the wheel into sections, representing each area of your life (career, finance, relationships, health, etc.).

3. Assign a number from 0-10 to each section, indicating how satisfied you are with that particular area of your life.

4. Color in each section according to its level of satisfaction. For example, green might represent high levels of satisfaction, while red represents low levels.

5. Add labels to each section, clearly identifying what they represent.

Examples Of Wheel Of Life Templates

There are countless variations of Wheel of Life templates available online, but here are a few examples:

1. The Classic Wheel of Life – This basic version includes eight segments representing key areas of life, such as career, finance, relationships, and health.

2. The Holistic Wellness Wheel – This variation includes seven segments, each representing a dimension of holistic wellness, such as physical, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing.

3. The Business Success Wheel – Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, this version includes nine segments representing different aspects of business success, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and financial management.

Tips For Maintaining Balance In Your Life

Maintaining balance in your life requires effort and intention. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Set realistic goals – Start small and build momentum over time. Focus on one or two areas at a time rather than trying to tackle everything at once.

2. Prioritize self-care – Make time for activities that promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall wellbeing. This could include exercise, meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature.

3. Practice gratitude – Take time each day to acknowledge things you appreciate and value in your life. This can shift your focus away from negativity and toward positivity.

4. Seek support – Don’t try to go it alone. Reach out to friends, family members, colleagues, or professionals who can offer guidance and accountability.


A Wheel of Life template can provide valuable insights into your life and help you achieve greater balance and fulfillment. With practice and dedication, you can revolutionize your life and reach new heights of happiness and success.


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