Unlock the Power of the Wheel of Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Template


Introduction to the Wheel of Life:

The wheel of life is a powerful tool used in personal development and goal setting. It helps individuals identify areas of their lives that need improvement, set goals, and track progress towards achieving them. The wheel consists of eight spokes representing different aspects of one’s life such as career, health, relationships, finances, spirituality, family, friends, and personal growth. Each spoke has a score ranging from zero to ten indicating how satisfied an individual feels with each aspect of their life. By analyzing the scores on each spoke, individuals can determine which area needs improvement and develop strategies for improving it.

What Is A Wheel Of Life Template?

A wheel of life template provides individuals with a framework for creating their own wheel of life. Templates come in various formats including downloadable PDF files or online tools. They typically include questions designed to help individuals evaluate each aspect of their life and assign a score based on satisfaction levels. Some templates also provide space for individuals to write down specific goals they want to achieve in each category. Creating your own wheel of life template allows you to tailor it to your unique circumstances and preferences.

Benefits of Creating Your Own Wheel of Life Template:

Creating your own wheel of life template offers several benefits including:

1. Customization – You get to customize the template according to your specific needs and priorities. This means that you are more likely to use it consistently because it aligns with what matters most to you.

2. Personalized Questions – When designing your own template, you have the opportunity to ask questions that resonate with you personally. These may be questions that other templates don’t address but are important to you.

3. Accountability – Having a completed template holds you accountable for tracking your progress over time. It serves as a reminder of where you want to go and what steps you need to take to get there.

How To Create Your Own Wheel of Life Template:

To create your own wheel of life template, follow these simple steps:

1. Determine the categories that matter most to you – Consider which areas of your life are most important to you and select those as the categories for your wheel of life. For example, if work-life balance is critical to you, consider adding a separate spoke for this category.

2. Identify relevant questions – Once you have determined the categories, think about the key questions you want to answer related to each category. For instance, under the “career” category, you might ask yourself whether you enjoy your job, feel challenged by it, and receive recognition for good performance.

3. Assign scoring system – Decide on a scoring system that works best for you. For example, you could give each category a score between one and ten, with ten being the highest level of satisfaction. Alternatively, you could use colors like green (highest), yellow (moderate) and red (lowest).

4. Record your answers – Take some time to reflect on each question and record your responses. Be honest with yourself and aim to accurately represent your current situation.

5. Review and refine – After completing your first draft, review it carefully and make any necessary adjustments. Make sure the questions are relevant and meaningful, and ensure that the scoring system makes sense.


By creating your own wheel of life template, you gain greater control over your personal development journey and can better track progress towards achieving your goals. Remember to regularly revisit your template and update it as needed to stay aligned with your values and aspirations.


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