Why You Need a Wheel of Life Template (and How to Make One


What is a Wheel of Life Template?

A Wheel of Life template is a tool used for self-assessment and goal setting. It helps individuals visualize different areas of their life, such as career, finance, relationships, health, personal development, and more. The wheel represents the various aspects of your life, with each section representing one area. By creating a Wheel of Life template, you can see where you are thriving and where you need improvement.

Why You Need a Wheel of Life Template?

There are several reasons why you should consider making a Wheel of Life template:

1. Helps identify areas that need attention – A Wheel of Life template allows you to evaluate each aspect of your life separately. This way, you can easily identify which areas require immediate attention.

2. Provides clarity on goals – Creating a Wheel of Life template forces you to think about what you want from life. By identifying your goals in each area, you gain clarity on what steps you need to take to achieve them.

3. Offers balance – Balancing all aspects of your life is crucial for overall wellbeing. A Wheel of Life template ensures that you don’t neglect any part of your life while focusing too much on others.

4. Increases motivation – Seeing progress in each area of your life can be incredibly motivating. As you fill out your Wheel of Life template over time, you will notice improvements in certain sections, giving you the drive to keep going.

How to Make Your Own Wheel of Life Template?

Making a Wheel of Life template is simple. Here’s how you do it:

1. Draw a circle or use an existing image of a wheel.

2. Divide the wheel into eight equal parts, representing the following areas: Career, Finance, Relationships, Health, Personal Development, Family, Social Life, and Hobbies/Interests.

3. Label each section with its corresponding category.

4. Assign a score to each section based on how satisfied you are with it. For example, give 0 to an area that needs significant work, 5 if you’re content, and 10 if you feel fulfilled.

5. Plot the scores onto the wheel, with higher scores closer to the center.

6. Connect the dots to create a complete wheel.

The Benefits of Using a Wheel of Life Template

Using a Wheel of Life template has numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved decision-making skills – When faced with choices, using your Wheel of Life template can help guide your decisions towards those that align with your goals.

2. Better communication – Discussing your Wheel of Life template with loved ones can improve communication by allowing everyone to understand each other’s priorities.

3. Greater accountability – Tracking progress on your Wheel of Life template holds you accountable for achieving your goals.

Examples of Wheel of Life Templates

Here are some examples of Wheel of Life templates:

1. Simple Wheel of Life – This basic version includes only eight categories, providing a straightforward approach to assessing your life.

2. Detailed Wheel of Life – Some versions include additional subcategories within each main section, offering greater specificity when evaluating your life.

3. Customizable Wheel of Life – Many online tools allow users to customize their own Wheel of Life templates, adding unique categories tailored to individual preferences.

FAQs About Wheel of Life Templates

Frequently asked questions about Wheel of Life templates include:

1. What happens after I make my Wheel of Life template? – After creating your Wheel of Life template, you can start working on improving the areas that need attention. Use your goals to guide your actions, and track progress regularly.

2. Can anyone benefit from a Wheel of Life template? – Yes! Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life can benefit from creating a Wheel of Life template. Whether you’re struggling in certain areas or simply looking to maintain balance, this tool can help.


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